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Cinematograph Film Rules, 1948

FORM E: Licence to Store Film in Quantity Exceeding 1,000 Pounds but not Exceeding 6,000 Pounds

(Article 3 of Schedule III) 

No. Fee Rs. ___________

License is hereby granted to _____________________________ valid only for  the  storage  of __________________________________ valid only for the storage of......... pounds of film at any one time in the premises described below subject to the provisions of the Petroleum Act, 1934, and the Cinematograph Film Rules, 1948, and to the further conditions on the back of his license.

Chief Inspector of explosive in India

This license shall remain in force till the 31st day of December, 19_________

The ____________________________   19 ________________

Description of the licensed premises

The licensed premises shown on Plan No ______________ dated _________ attached hereto are situated at _________ and consist of ______________

Date of Removal Date of expiry Signature of licensing authority

This license is liable to be cancelled if the licensed premises when inspected are not found conforming to the description and conditions attached hereto and contravention of any of the rules and the conditions under which this license is granted is also punishable with fine which may extend to five hundred rupees for a first offence and which may extend to two thousand rupees for any subsequent offence.

Conditions of license

1. Film shall be stored in an approved vault complying with the specification laid down in the Appendix in this Schedule.

2. Not more than 6,000 lb. of film shall be stored in the vault at any one time.

3. (i) All operations connected with examination, repairing, cleaning, waxing and re-winding of film shall only be carried out in the examination-room which shall not be used for any other purpose.

(ii) The examination-room shall be constructed of fire-resisting materials only and shall be well ventilated to the outside air.

(iii) Not more than two rolls of film only shall be opened for examination at any one time per examiner and not more than ten rolls in all shall be under examination or repair at any one time.

4. All film waste and scrap in the examination room shall be placed immediately in a strong metal receptacle fitted with a tight-hinged lid and marked "Film Waste" and kept under water until disposed of. The contents of the drum shall be disposed of at frequent intervals by burning under adequate precautions or in such other manner as may be prescribed by the licensing authority.

5. A distance of not less than 30 feet shall be kept clear between one vault and another and a distance of not less than 50 feet between a vault or an examination-room and any dwelling-house, other buildings where persons assemble, public thoroughfare, public place or other licensed premises.

6. The distance specified in condition 5 may be reduced by the licensing authority in cases where special precautions are taken or where there are special circumstances that, in his opinion, warrant the reduction.

7. Film shall be kept in the vault on racks made of metal or other incombustible material and arranged for the keeping of the prescribed containers on edges.

8. Wherever air-conditioning, air-cooling, and ventilating system employing ducts is installed, steps shall be taken to ensure that a fire occurring in any one room or vault is cut off from any other room or vault by means of automatic fire-proof shutters. Any system used for air-conditioning a vault shall be entirely independent with no duct whatever connecting any other room.

9. The vault shall not be used for the storage of any other article or for any other purpose.

10. All fittings in the vault, storage shed, or examination-room shall be of uninflammable material only.

11. If in the opinion of the Licensing Authority the situation of the vault, or examination-room warrants the provision of an elaborate arrangement to extinguish fires, he shall call upon the licensee by a notice in writing to equip that vault or examination-room with an approved system of automatic sprinklers. The spacing of sprinkler head as well as the rate and duration of supply of water through each sprinkler head shall be such as may be approved by the licensing authority.

12. No alterations shall be carried out in the licensed premises without previous sanction in writing of the licensing authority. Such alterations so sanctioned shall be shown on an amended plan to be attached to this license.

13. Adequate precautions shall at all times be taken for the prevention of accidents by fire or explosion and no smoking, fire or light or articles capable of causing fire to film shall be permitted at any time within the licensed premises.

14. The furniture and other articles shall be so arranged as to afford free egress to persons in the room in the event of fire.

15. There shall be kept posted up in large characters in the room-

(i) full instructions as to the action to be taken in case of fire; and

(ii) full directions as to the means of escape from the room in case of fire.

16. Free access to the licensed premises shall be given at all reasonable times to any Inspector and every facility shall be afforded to such Inspector for ascertaining that the rules and conditions are duly observed.

17. Any accident, fire or expansion occurring within the licensed premises which is attended with loss of human life or serious injury to persons or property shall be reported immediately to-

(i) the nearest magistrate or to the officer-in-charge of the nearest police station; and

(ii) the Chief Inspector, and by telegram or telephone where such means of communication are available.

18. If the Licensing Authority calls upon the holder of a license by a notice in writing, to execute any repairs to the licensed premises which are in the opinion of such authority necessary for the safety of the premises, the holder of a license shall execute the repairs within such period, not being less than one month from the date of receipt of notice, as may be fixed by the notice.


Specification for vaults

(i) Dimensions-A vault shall not be less than 1,000 cubic feet in inside dimensions.

(ii) Walls-The walls shall be of a thickness of not less than 18 inches of brick, or of 8 inches of reinforced cement concrete, and shall be plastered on both sides with cement plaster of a thickness of at least half an inch.

(iii) Floor-The floor shall be paved or cemented or tiled and raised at least one foot above the ground level.

(iv) Roof-The roof shall be of a thickness of not less than 6 inches of reinforced cement concrete and designed according to sound engineering practice.

(v) Exits-The vaults shall have at least one door opening which shall be provided with two fire doors, the inner door opening inwards and the outer door outwards. The former shall be of the automatic self-closing type either hinged or sliding and the latter shall be of 3 /16 inch thick sheet iron, fitting close into a steel door frame property fixed by suitable hold-fasts into the door opening. The door shall be so constructed and installed that when closed it shall make closed joints with the frame and the sill. Door jambs of the vault shall be reinforced by fixing welded sheet iron channels.

(vi) Ventilation-

(a) The vault shall be adequately ventilated near the ground level and also near or in the roof. The ventilators shall have a minimum effective sectional area of 14 square feet and shall be so arranged as to prevent film in the vault from being ignited by the rays of the sun entering through them. A weather shade of incombustible materials shall be provided over each ventilator.

(b) All ventilators shall be fitted with metal grids or similar suitable protection on the outside face of the wall and a layer of No. 16 mesh brass or other non-corroding metal wire gauge fitted in an angle iron frame on the inside face of the wall.

(c)  Ventilators shall not be obstructed by racks provided in the vault for keeping film.

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