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Report No. 127

Appendix IV

Tabulation of Replies sent by the High Courts

S.No. High Court Question No. 4 Question No. 6
1 2 3 4
1. Allahabad No. only the D.J.
DJ - HC - Govt.
Govt. generally makes funds available to H.C. which makes the funds available to D.J.
(i) On the basis of workload.
No scientific formula. Following staff for each new H.C. Judge. P.S., P.A. Bench Secretary, 2 L.D. Asst., 2 routine grade Asstt., Jamadar, 2 Peons, 2 daily labour.
(ii) Acute shortage of court rooms, residences etc. Cts. functioning in improvised courts. Progress held up because of lack of funds.
(iii) Due to shortage of space Bastas and loose files lying on floor. No modern technology.
(iv) Vol. of work and availability of facilities like court building and residence of presiding officer for district headquarters, for creation of it at Tehsil H.Q. -Vol. of work, building for court and residence. Availability of lockup, Malkana etc. and Educational and other facilities for the children of officers and staff, facility for Bar, library etc. Problem of transportation etc.
2. Andhra Pradesh D.J. - P.A.
(i) Woodin & Steel furniture - 750
(i) No Scientific formula.
Subject to proposal from D.J. if institution is heavy in any court. Govt. grants if funds available.
(ii) Maintenance & Repair - 500 (ii) Adequate though given - Yes. 7th Plan - 2 crores for subordinate courts. Proposal of 27.42 crores submitted to State Government.
(iii) Vehicle (iii) No modern Technology.
Workload Expected.
(iv) Stationery - 4000 (iv) Munsif - 500 main cases.
S.J. - 300 main cases.
(v) Books & Periodicals - Full Power. D.C. - 200 main cases
+ Convenience of Litigants,
Transport, Boarding, Lodging
+ housing for court & staff.
Other Officers Furniture - 100 under each kind.
Stationery - 5000
3. Bombay - (i) No Scientific formula, need considered on the basis of workload.
(ii) Yes - for the next 20-25 years.
(iii) Records stored in steel almirahs - treated periodically for pests.
No modem technology.
4. Ghauhati D. & S.J. And C.J.M. exercise powers as per Delegation of Financial Power Rules, 1960. (i) A/C to workload.
(ii) Yes.
(iii) No modern technology.
(iv) On examination of number of cases, demand from litigants and advocates a new Court is created.
5. Gujarat (i) A/C to workload
(ii) Yes.
(iii) As per rules in High Court Appellate Side Rules, 1960.
(iv) If the Sub-division gives rise to sufficient number of cases to fulfill the norms of its presiding officer, distance from the HQ, transport facility, backwardness of the area, suitable bar and availability of accommodation for court and staff.
6. Himachal Pradesh Presiding Officers of subordinate courts. Rs. 10-Rs. 2000 on any one item of non-recurring expense. (i) On the basis of workload
No scientific formula.
DJ - Powers of controlling officers in respect of TA/DA, Medical expenses qua the J.O. under them. Follow norms set by Punjab for staff strength. Though in most of sub-Courts the staff strength not a/c to norms.
Matters requiring sanction of the head of the dept. are referred to H.C. for CJ's sanction. (ii) Yes.
(iii) No modern technology.
Only photostat machines for giving copies of records to litigants.
(iv) No specific norm - but distance to be travelled by litigant, no. of cases etc. are kept in mind.
7. Jammu & Kashmir DJ - Upto the limit of Rs. 500
SJ - Upto the limit of Rs. 250
Munsif up to the limit of Rs. 100
(i) No uniform pattern & no scientific formula.
(ii) Generally, but not always.
(iii) Ct. records maintained in part I, Part II, though not strictly followed. No modern Technology.
(iv) a. Increase in litigation and pendency.
b. Creation is recommended at Tehsil H.Q. where courts have not been established so far.
8. Karnataka (i) A/c to workload and staff pattern of Secretariat, request for additional posts only partly met by the Govt. No scientific formula.
(ii) Records split in three parts and kept in steel almirahs. No modern technology.
(iii) Average institution of cases, in a Taluka. If more than a certain number than a new court is recommended.
Munsif + JFMC court - 150 suits + 150, IPC cases in a Taluka.
Civil Judge Court - 40 original suits and 100 Regular Appeals.
9. Kerala (i) A/c to workload after assessment by Organisation and Method Department of the Government.
(ii) Yes.
(iii) As per rules of High Court of Kerala, 1971. No modern Technology.
(iv) a. sufficient filings.
b. accommodation.
c. convenience of Public.
10. Madhya Pradesh As per the Financial Code. (i) No Scientific formula, Pendency of cases, population, local needs staff pattern fixed by Govt.
(ii) Yes. No long terms needs not taken in consideration.
(iii) As per High Court Rules. No modern technology.
(iv) As per Tara Chand Commission Report. New Courts established on satisfaction of basic facilities and appointment of Judicial Officers.
11. Patna - (i) On the prescribed yardstick of method and organisation State Government, decided on the strength or staff for each level of court.
(ii) Yes. But State Govt. delays the proposals. A No. of courts being held in make shift arrangements funds are not given for creating additional etc. offices, chambers etc.
(iii) No modern technology.
(iv) Pendency and yardsticks for disposal. Govt. meets the requirement only partially.
12. Punjab Non-recurring
DJ - P.A.
Punjab - Upto Rs. 2000 on any one item.
Haryana - Upto Rs. 6000 senior Sub Judge
Punjab - Upto Rs. 1000
Haryana - Upto Rs. 2000
(i) A/c to workload, certain rules also. Each Sub-Judge Court to have a copyist. If files 7500 then an Asstt. Ahlmad to be given, Leave reserve Stenotypists in a Sessions Division at 20% of total Judicial Officers.
(ii) Yes. The courts and its amenities are built, a/c to norm fixed by the Judges of the court.
(iii) No modern technology
13. Rajasthan No powers with subordinate officers who feel handicapped. Only DJ as heads of Dept. have powers under Financial Rules & Service Rules. (i) No scientific formula.
A/c to workload only. But State Govt. not sanctioning the requisite staff to keep pace with workload. Situation given. Clerks who is req. to handle 260 files is handling 2000-3000.
(ii) Very ltd. space. At some places the staff of the Court sits in the court room for lack of space. Govt. grants very limited amount as per PWD. Only additional space is kept vacant for future need. Govt. very slow in giving funds for expansion.
(iii) As per the rules. The files maintained with loose sheets which can be removed-added easily. No modern technology.
(iv) New Court if cases at a particular court more than 700. But this norm not followed and 2000-3000 cases are pending at some courts No thought given to it.

S. No. High Court Question No. 7 Question No. 8 Question No. 9
1. Allahabad 325 lakh granted till 1987-1988. Works sanctioned in 85-86 are in progress, 86-87 partially in progress and 87-88 not been started. Total - 1406
Regular Courts - 885
Imprevised Courts - 427
Collectorate Building - 85
Rented Building - 39
H.C. -
S.J.O. - 53%
2. Andhra Pradesh 590-10 lakhs granted till 1988-89. To be used for 45 courts buildings 85 - amenities in courts. 164 - residential qrts. 1 - court building complete and 17 are in progress. 11 Residential quarter completed and 51 in progress. Amenities provided in 24 placed in progress in 30 places. (i) 577.
(ii) 101 courts in 91 rented buildings - 17.5%
(i) HC - About 65 % not provided accommodation.
(ii) SJO - 58%
Excluding 164 taken up 8th 1, F.Cr. award another 330 required.
3. Bombay - - (i) HC - 10.8%
(ii) SJO - 63%
4. Gauhati - (i) 187
(ii) 5% in rented buildings.
(i) HC - 20%
(ii) SJO - 52%
5. Gujarat Award of about 189 lakhs - not been implemented so far. (i) 426
(ii) 2.8%
(i) HC - 35%
(ii) SJO - 50%
6. Himachal Pradesh Work in progress. Total - 66
Rented building - 1
HC -
SJO - 11%
7. Jammu & Kashmir Not been implemented so far, it a very preliminary stage of processing. (i) 109
(ii) 3
26 JO without accommodation does not give the total number of the SJOs.
8. Karnataka Some work has been approved but not known whether in accordance with the recommendations. (i) 329
(ii) 49
(i) HC - 9.1%
(ii) SJO - 45.1%
9. Kerala Award for 22 units of court building. Work on 14 in progress. Under amenities most taken up for execution. (i) 310
(ii) 48 courts in rented building 15%
SJO - 39%
10. Madhya Pradesh Work in progress. Total - 759
Revenue Dept. 30
Rented Courts - 9
HC -
SJO - 25%
11. Patna Work in progress - HC - None
SJO - 80%
After implementation of award of 8th Finance Commission 42% Officers would not get accommodation.
12. Punjab (i) Punjab grant in aid not made avalable so recommendation not implemented.
(ii) Haryana - grant part of 6.33 crores proposed by Haryana Govt. for residential, works of all Deptts. to be carried out in 7th Five year Plan.
(i) 213 (22 on deputation) 191 courts
(ii) 6 courts in rented building (information from 10 out of 12 divisions.)
(i) 173 (12 on deputation)
(ii) 12 courts in rented buildings (info. from 11 out of 12 divisions.)
HC - None
SJO - 17%
SJO - 32%
SJO - 10%
13. Rajasthan Total - 438
functioning in very badly. aintained buildings and in panchayat buildings. Rented - 10.
SJO - 41%

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