The Stage-Carriages Act, 1861

[Act No. 16 of 1861]

[7th July, 1861.]

Title The Stage-Carriages Act, 1861
Sections: Particulars:
1. Definition of stage-carriage
2. Carriages to be licensed
3. Power to refuse license
4. Charge for and duration of license
5. Particulars to be painted on conspicuous part of carriage
6. Penalty for letting carriage without having particulars painted
7. Penalty for letting for hire unlicensed carriage
8. Penalty for allowing carriage to be drawn by fewer animals or more passengers, etc., to be carried than provided by license
9. Penalty for ill-treating animals
10. Revocation of license
11. Penalty for not conforming to provisions of section 5
12. Penalty for misconduct on part of drivers
13. Penalty when recoverable from proprietor
14. Issue of summons
15. Adjudication of penalties
16. Recovery of penalties, etc
17. Offender may be apprehended and detained in custody until return of warrant of distress
18. Imprisonment of offender if distress not sufficient
19. [Repealed.]
20. Jurisdiction
20A. Power to make rules
21. Interpretation-clause
22. Extent of Act
23. Power to State Government to exempt