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The Schedule

(See section 2)
Sl. No. National Waterways Limits of the National Waterways
(1) (2) (3)
1. National Waterway 1 Allahabad-Haldia Stretch of the Ganga Bhagirathi-Hooghly Rivers with the following limits, namely:- From road bridge at Allahabad across the river Ganga, about 2 kilometres upstream of the confluence of the rivers Ganga and Yamuna at Triveni to the inland waterway limit on the tidal waters of the river Hooghly from a line drawn between No. 1 Refuge house at the entrance to Baratola river commonly called channel creek, to a position 2.5 kilometres due south of Saugor lighthouse, and then connected to the right or south bank at the entrance to the Hijili or Russulpore river, through river Ganga, lock canal and feeder canal at Farakka, river Bhagirathi and river Hooghly.
2. National Waterway 2 Sadiya-Dhubri Stretch of Brahmaputra River with the following limits, namely:- From a line drawn across the Brahmaputra river from the point on the north bank of the Kundil river at its confluence with the Brahmaputra river near Sadiya to the beginning of the river island Majuli and therefrom through all the channels of the Brahmaputra river on either side of the river island Majuli up to the end of the river island Majuli and then up to the international border down stream of Dhubri.
3. National Waterway 3 Kollam-Kozhikode Stretch of West Coast Canal and Champakara and Udyogmandal Canals with the following limits, namely:- The northern limit of the West Coast Canal shall be Kozhikode at Lat 11°13'39"N, Lon 75°46'44"E and the southern limit shall be a line drawn across the Ashtamudi KayaI at a distance of 100 metres south of Kollam jetty. The Champakara Canal starting from the confluence with the West Coast Canal and ending at the railway bridge (railway siding for Cochin Oil Refinery) near Fertilisers and Chemicals Travancore Limited, boat basin. The Udyogmandal Canal starting from the confluence with West Coast Canal and ending at the Padalarn road bridge (Eloor-Edayar).
4. National Waterway 4 Kakinada-Puducherry Stretch of Canals and the Kaluvelly Tank, Nashik-Bhadrachalam-Rajahmundry Stretch of River Godavari and Bridge near village Galagali-Wazirabad-Vijayawada Stretch of River Krishna with the following limits, namely:- Kakinada-Puducherry canal (Canal system consisting of Kakinada canal, Eluru canal, Commamur canal and North Buckingham canal, portion of the Coovum river linking North and South Buckingham canals, South Buckingham canal and Kaluvelly tank) Northern limit: A line drawn across the Kakinada canal parallel to the Jagannadhapuram road bridge, Kakinada at a distance of 500 metres down stream at Lat 16° 56' 24" N, Lon 82° 14'20"E; Southern limit: Junction of East Coast Highway and Chinnakalawari-Kanakachettikulam road at Kanakachettikulam which is the end point of the artificial canal link to Kaluvelly tank at Lat 20° 0' 07" N, Lon 79° 52' 12" E. River Godavari Western limit: Road bridge on Mumbai-Agra Highway at Nashik across river Godavari at Lat 20° 0' 07" N, Lon 73° 48' 12" E; Eastern limit: Sir Arthur Cotton barrage across river Godavari at Dowlaiswaram, Rajahmundry at Lat 16° 56' 05" N, Lon 81° 45' 32" E. River Krishna Western limit: Bridge near village Galagali Lat 16°25' 28" N, Lon 75°26'19" E. Eastern limit: Prakasam barrage across river Krishna at Vijayawada at Lat 16° 30' 18" N, Lon 80° 36' 23" E.
5. National Waterway 5

Talcher-Dhamra Stretch of Brahmani-Kharsua-Tantighai-Pandua Nala-Dudhei Nala-Kani Dhamra-river system, Geonkhali-Charbatia Stretch of East Coast Canal, Charbatia-Dhamra Stretch of Matai River and Mahanadi Delta Rivers with the following limits, namely:- East Coast Canal and Matai river (Consisting of old Hijli tidal canal, Orissa coast canal and Matai river) Northern limit: Confluence point of Hooghly river and Hijli tidal canal at Geonkhali at Lat 22°12' 20" N, Lon 88° 03' 07" E; Southern limit: Confluence of Matai river and Dhamra river near Dhamra Fishing harbour at Lat 20° 47'42" N, Lon 86° 53' 03" E. Brahmani-Kharsua-Dhamra river system (Consisting of Brahmani-Kharsua-Tantighai-Pandua Nala-Dudhei Nala-Kani-Dhamra rivers) North-Western limit: Samal barrage across river Brahmani, Talcher at Lat 21o 04' 26" N, Lon 86o 08' 05" E; South-Eastern limit: An imaginary line drawn across Dhamra river at East Point of Kalibhanj Dian Reserved Forest near Chandnipal at Lat 20o46' 26" N, Lon 86o 57' 15" E. Mahanadi delta rivers (Consisting of Hansua river, Atharabanki Creek, Nuna nala, Gobri nala, Kharnasi river and Mahanadi river) (Alternate route-Hansua river enters into Bay of Bengal through northern point of False point bay, then enters river Kharnasi at southern end of False point bay, river Atharabanki, a northernly distributory of river Mahanadi) Northern limit: Confluence of Kharsua river with Brahmani river at Ramchandrapur at Lat 20o 36' 55"N, Lon 86o 45' 05" E; Southern limit: An imaginary line in continuation to the Northern break water structure across the entrance channel at Paradip Port at Lat 20o15' 38"N, Long 86o' 40' 55" E.

6. National Waterway 6 Aai River: Upstream of Bridge at Adalguri No. 3 at Lat 26o33'32"N, Lon 90o34'01"E to confluence with Brahmaputra river at Lat 26o12'50"N, Lon 90o36'24"E (4.7km upstream of Naranarayan Setu at Jogighopa).
7. National Waterway 7 Ajoy (Ajay) River: Bridge on Morgram-Panagarh State Highway No. 14 at Illambazar Lat 23o36'56"N, Lon 87o31'58"E to confluence of river Ajoy with river Bhagirathi at Lat 23o39'23"N, Lon 88o07'57"E at Katwa.
8. National Waterway 8 Alappuzha-Changanassery Canal: Boat Jetty, Alappuzha at Lat 9o30'03"N, Lon 76o20'37"E to Changanassery Jetty at Lat 9o26'42"N, Lon 76o31'42"E.
9. National Waterway 9 Alappuzha-Kottayam Athirampuzha Canal: Boat Jetty, Alappuzha at Lat 9o30'03"N, Lon 76o20'37"E to Athirampuzha market Lat 9o40'04"N, Lon 76o31'54"E.
10. National Waterway 10 Amba River: Arabian Sea, Dharamtaar creed near village Revas at Lat 18o50'15"N, Lon 72o56'31"E to a Bridge near Nagothane ST Stand at Lat 18o32'20"N, Lon 73o08'0"E.
11. National Waterway 11 Arunawati Aran River System: Bridge on State Highway No. 211 at Lat 20o13'33"N, Lon 77o33'23"E to confluence of Arunawati and Aran rivers near Ratanapur village at Lat 19o59'31"N, Lon 78o09'38"E to confluence of Aran and Penganga rivers near Chimata village at Lat 19o54'08"N, Lon 78o12'36"E.
12. National Waterway 12 Asi River: Ganga river confluence at Assi Ghat, Varanasi at Lat 25o17'19"N, Lon 83o 0'25"E to near Newada, Varanasi at Lat 25o16'37"N, Lon 82o 58'18"E.
13. National Waterway 13 AVM Canal: Poovar Beach at Lat 8o18'30"N, Lon 77o04'45"E to Erayumanthurai Bus Stop at Lat 8o14'54"N, Lon 77o09'34"E.
14. National Waterway 14 Baitarni River: Dattapur village at Lat 20o51'45"N, Lon 86o 33'30"E to confluence with Dhamra river near Laxmiprasad Dia at Lat 20o45'13" N, Lon 86o 49'15"E.
15. National Waterway 15 Bakreswar Mayurakshi River System: Bakreswar river from Nil Nirjan Dam at Lat 23o49'31"N, Lon 87o24'59"E to confluence of Bakreswar and Mayurakshi rivers near Talgram village at Lat 23o 51'58"N, Lon 88o02'21"E. Mayurakshi river from Talgram village to confluence with Dwarka river near Dakshin Hijal village at Lat 23o 58'22"N, Lon 88o09'21"E.
16. National Waterway 16 Barak River: Lakhipur Ferry Ghat Lat 24o47'18"N, Lon 93o01'16"E to Tuker Gram Lat 24o52'34"N, Lon 92o29'21"E.
17. National Waterway 17 Beas River: Talwara Barrage at Lat 31o57'22"N, Lon 75o53'37"E to confluence of Beas and Sutlej rivers near Harike at Lat 31o09'09"N, Lon 74o58'08"E.
18. National Waterway 18 Beki River: Elenagamari Lat 26o38'37"N, Lon 90o59'02"E to Brahmaputra confluence at Lat 26o14'24"N, Lon 90o47' 21"E.
19. National Waterway 19 Betwa River: Rirwa Buzurg Dariya at Lat 25o54'17"N, Lon 79o45'06"E to confluence of Betwa and Yamuna rivers near Merapur Daria village at Lat 25o55'11"N, Lon 80o13'08"E.
20. National Waterway 20 Bhavani River: Bhavani Sagar Dam, Sathyamangalam at Lat 11o28'16"N, Lon 77o06'49"E to confluence of Bhavani and Kaveri rivers at Kaveri river bridge on Salem-Coimbatore Highway: "National Highway-47 Lat 11o25'54"N, Lon 77o41'02"E.
21. National Waterway 21 Bheema River: Barrage (approx 1 km. from Hippargi village) at Lat 17o09'05"N, Lon 76o46'34"E to confluence of Bheema and Krishna rivers at Gundloor Lat 16o24'28"N, Lon 77o17'13"E.
22. National Waterway 22 Birupa Badi Genguti Brahmani River System: Birupa Barrage at Choudwar at Lat 20o30'49"N, Lon 85o55'20"E to Confluence of Birupa and Brahmani rivers near Upperkai Pada village at Lat 20o37'36"N, Lon 86o24'19"E including alternative route from, Samaspur village Lat 20o35'41"N, Lon 86o06'32"E to near Kharagpur village Lat 20o38' 28"N, Lon 86o17'32"E. Bramani river from confluence of Birupa and Brhmani rivers near Upperkai Pada village at Lat 20o37'36"N, Lon 86o24'19"E to Bramani river at Katana Lat 20o39'26"N, Lon 86o44'53"E.
23. National Waterway 23 Budha Balanga River: Barrage (approx 300m from Patalipura village) at Lat 21o38'13"N, Lon 86o50'53"E to confluence of Budha Balanga river with Bay of Bengal at Chandipur Fishing Port Lat 21o28'12"N, Lon 87o04'12"E.
24. National Waterway 24 Chambal River: Chambal road bridge on National Highway-92 Lat 26o41'56"N, Lon 78o56'09"E to confluence of Chambal and Yamuna rivers at Charakpura village Lat 26o29'30"N, Lon 79o15'01"E.
25. National Waterway 25 Chapora River: Bride at State Highway No. 124 (1 Km. from Maneri village) Lat 15o'42'47"N. Lon 73o57'23"E to Confluence of Chapora river with Arabian Sea at Morjim Lat 15o36'33"N, Lon 73o44'01"E.
26. National Waterway 26 Chenab River: Chenab road bridge at Lat 33o05'07"N, Lon 74o48'06"E to Bridge near Bhardakalan at Lat 32o48'12"N, Lon 74o34'53"E.
27. National Waterway 27 Cumberjua River: Confluence of Cumberjua and Zuvari rivers near Cortalim ferry terminal Lat 15o24'40"N, Lon 73o54'48"E to confluence of Cumberjua and Mandovi rivers near Sao Martias Vidhan Parishad Lat 15o31'26"N, Lon 73o55'34"E.
28. National Waterway 28 Dabhol Creek Vashishti River: Arabian Sea at Dabhol Lat 17o34'51"N, Lon 73o09'18"E to bridge at Pedhe Lat 17o32'39"N, Lon 73o30'36"E.
29. National Waterway 29 Damodar River: Krishak Setu, Bardhman on State Highway No. 8 at Lat 23o12'40"N, Lon 87o50'54"E to confluence with Hooghly river near Purbha Basudebpur at Lat 22o21'01"N, Lon 88o05'19"E.
30. National Waterway 30 Dehing River: Rail Bridge at Merbil Majuli No. 1 Lat 27o19'25"N, Lon 95o18'45"E to confluence of Dehing and Brahmaputra rivers near village Lachan at Lat 27o15'10"N, Lon 94o40'01"E.
31. National Waterway 31 Dhansiri/Chathe River: Bridge near Morongi T.E. village Lat 26o24'41"N, Lon 93o53'47"E to Numaligarh Lat 26o42'01"N, Lon 93o35'15"E.
32. National Waterway 32 Dikhu River: Bridge at Nazira on State Highway No 1 Lat 26o55'18"N, Lon 94o44'27"E to confluence of Dikhu and Brahmaputra rivers at Lat 26o59'58"N, Lon 94o27'42"E.
33. National Waterway 33 Doyans River: Bridge near Sialmari Lat 26o10'47"N, Lon 93o59'10"E to confluence of Doyans and Subansiri rivers at Lat 26o26'53"N, Lon 93o57'12"E.
34. National Waterway 34 DVC Canal: Durgapur Barrage Lat 23o28'47"N, Lon 87o18'19"E to Confluence point of DVC canal with Hoogly river near Tribeni Lat 23o0'31"N, Lon 88o24'55"E.
35. National Waterway 35 Dwarakeswar River: Bridge near Abantika Lat 23o06'55"N, Lon 87o18'47"E to confluence of Dwarakeswar and Silai rivers at Pratappur Lat 22o40'17"N, Lon 87o46'43"E.
36. National Waterway 36 Dwarka River: Bridge at Tarapith at Lat 24o06'58"N, Lon 87o47'51"E to confluence with Bhagirathi river near Maugram village at Lat 23o43'53"N, Lon 88o10'51"E.
37. National Waterway 37 Gandak River: Bhaisaslotal Barrage near Triveni Ghat at Lat 27o26'22"N, Lon 83o54'24"E to Gandak and Ganga rivers confluence at Hajipur Lat 25 39o18'N, Lon 85o10'28"E.
38. National Waterway 38 Gangadhar River: Pakriguri Bridge on National Highway-31C at Lat 26o27'30"N, Lon 89o51'25"E to Bangladesh Border at Binnachara Point III Lat 26o0'32"N, Lon 89o49'57"E.
39. National Waterway 39 Ganol River: Bangladesh Border at Mankachar Lat 25o31'47"N, Lon 89o51'24"E to bridge near Dolbari at Lat 25o34'20"N, Lon 90o03'46"E.
40. National Waterway 40 Ghaghra River: Faizabad at Lat 26o47'51"N, Lon 82o06'46"E to Ghaghra and Ganga river confluence at Manjhi Ghat Lat 25o44'13"N, Lon 84o42'03"E.
41. National Waterway 41 Ghataprabha River: Barrage near Malali Lat 16o20'01"N, Lon 75o11'23"E to confluence with river Krishna at Chicksangam Lat 16o20'13"N, Lon 75o47'54"E.
42. National Waterway 42 Gomti River: Bara Imambara, Lucknow Lat 26o52'21"N, Lon 80o54'58"E to confluence of Gomti with river Ganga Lat 25o30'31"N, Lon 83o10'17"E.
43. National Waterway 43 Gurupur River: Confluence of Netravathi river at Lat 12o50'44"N, Lon 74o49'45"E to confluence of Mangalore Port Bridge at Lat 12o55'35"N, Lon 74o49'37"E.
44. National Waterway 44 Ichamati River: Bridge on Border Main Road at Gobra near Bangladesh Border at Lat 22o53'50"N, Lon 88o53'49"E to near Bangladesh Border at Bansjhari Mallikpur Lat 22o39'07"N, Lon 88o55'35"E.
45. National Waterway 45 Indira Gandhi Canal: Harike Barrage at Lat 31o08'33"N, Lon 74o56'57"E to near Mohangarh Lat 27o18'37"N, Lon 71o09'10"E.
46. National Waterway 46 Indus River: Bridge on highway at Upshi village Lat 33o49'43"N, Lon 77o48'56"E to Bridge on Shey-Chuchol road near Shey village Lat 34o03'35"N, Lon 77o38'33"E.
47. National Waterway 47 Jalangi River: Bridge on State Highway No. 14 near Plashipara at Lat 23o47'47"N, Lon 88o27'09"E to confluence of Jalangi with Hooghly/Bhagirathi rivers at Nabadwip Lat 23o24'39"N, Lon 88o22'48"E.
48. National Waterway 48 Jawai-Luni Rivers and Rann of Kutch: Jawai river from Jalore at Lat 25o20'37"N, Lon 72o41'09"E to Luni river near Gandhav village to Rann of Kutch at Lat 23o32'54"N, Lon 68o22'27"E.
49. National Waterway 49 Jhelum River: Bridge on highway at Lat 33o49'26"N, Lon 75o03'50"E to Wuler lake, Srinagar at Lat 34o21'37"N, Lon 74o36'36"E.
50. National Waterway 50 Jinjiram River: Confluence with Brahmaputra river at Tumni Lat 25o51'51"N, Lon 89o58'57"E to Fulerchar Point. III at Brahmaputra river Lat 25o44'15"N, Lon 89o52'53"E.
51. National Waterway 51 Kabini River: Kabini Dam Lat 11o58'25"N, Lon 76o21'10"E to Beeramballi at Lat 11o56'10"N, Lon 76o14'18"E.
52. National Waterway 52 Kali River: Kodasalli Dam Lat 14o55'08"N, Lon 74o32'07"E to confluence of Kali river with Arabian Sea near Sadashivgad bridge at Lat 14o50'31"N, Lon 74o07'21"E.
53. National Waterway 53 Kalyan-Thane-Mumbai Waterway, Vasai Creek and Ulhas River: Arabian Sea at Navi Mumbai Lat 18o55'50"N, Lon 72o53'22"E via Ulhas river to bridge on State Highway No. 76 near Malegaon T. Waredi Lat 19o02'38"N, Lon 73o19'54"E; Bridge on Kalyan-Badlapur road near Kalyan railway yard at Kalyan Lat 19o14'06"N, Lon 73o08'49"E to Kalyan Lat 19o15'35"N, Lon 73o09'28"E; Vasai Creek from Lat 19o18'54"N to Lon 72o47'30"E to Kasheli at Lat 19o13'23"N, Lon 73o0'21"E.
54. National Waterway 54 Karamnasa River: Bridge at Kakarait Lat 25o18'11"N, Lon 83o31'38"E to confluence of Karamnasa and Ganga rivers at Kutubpur Lat 25o31'06"N, Lon 83o52'47"E.
55. National Waterway 55 Kaveri Kollidam River: Uratchikottai Barrage at Lat 11o29'03"N, Lon 77o42'14"E to confluence of river Kollidam with Bay of Bengal at Pazhaiyar Lat 11o21'38"N, Lon 79o49'53"E.
56. National Waterway 56 Kherkai River: Dam near Gangia village at Lat 22o45'12"N, Lon 86o05'09"E to confluence with Subarnrekha river at Jamshedpur Lat 22o50'13"N, Lon 86o09'37"E.
57. National Waterway 57 Kopili River: Bridge at Banthai Gaon Tinali Bus Stop at Lat 26o10'41"N, Lon 92o13'05"E to confluence with Brahmaputra river at Chandrapur No. 2 Lat 26o15'07"N, Lon 91o56'49"E.
58. National Waterway 58 Kosi River: Kosi Barrage at Hanuman Nagar Lat 26o31'40"N, Lon 86o55'29"E to Confluence of Kosi with Ganga river at Kursela Lat 25o24'40"N, Lon 87o15'14"E.
59. National Waterway 59 Kottayam-Vaikom Canal: Kottayam, near Kodimatha at Lat 9o34'39"N, Lon 76o31'08"E to Vechoor joining National Waterway No. 3 at Lat 9o40'0"N, Lon 76o24'11"E.
60. National Waterway 60 Kumari River: Dam near Amruhasa village at Lat 23o06'37"N, Lon 86o15'51"E to Mukutmanipur Dam at Chiada Lat 22o57'18"N, Lon 86o44'43"E.
61. National Waterway 61 Kynshi River: Bangladesh Border near Mawpyllum Lat 25o12'07"N, Lon 91o15'21"E to bridge on Nonghyllam-Maweit road at Lat 25o19'35"N, Lon 91o04'07"E.
62. National Waterway 62 Lohit River: Parasuram Kund at 27o52'40"N, Lon 96o21'40"E to Saikhowa Ghat, Sadiya Lat 27o47'49"N, Lon 95o38'14"E.
63. National Waterway 63 Luni River: Dam at Jaswantpura Lat 26o13'35"N, Lon 73o41'20"E to Barrage near Malipura Lat 24o57'04"N, Lon 71o38'02"E.
64. National Waterway 64 Mahanadi River: Sambalpur Barrage at Lat 21o27'34"N, Lon 83o57'50"E to Paradip at Lat 20o19'38"N, Lon 86o40'17"E.
65. National Waterway 65 Mahananda River: Bridge near Gosaipur at Lat 25o26'41"N, Lon 88o05'26"E to Bangladesh Border near Adampur at Lat 24o57'17"N, Lon 88o10'59"E.
66. National Waterway 66 Mahi River: Kadana Dam Lat 23o18'22"N, Lon 73o49'37"E to confluence with Gulf of Khambhat near Kavi railway station Lat 22o10'35"N, Lon 72o30'36"E.
67. National Waterway 67 Malaprabha River: Jakanuru at Lat 15o49'51"N, Lon 75o38'54"E to confluence with river Krishna at Kudalasangama Lat 16o12'30"N, Lon 76o04'16"E.
68. National Waterway 68 Mandovir River: Bridge at Usgaon at Lat 15o26'42"N, Lon 74o03'12"E to confluence of Mandovi river with Arabian Sea at Reis Magos Lat 15o28'32"N, Lon 73o46'46"E.
69. National Waterway 69 Manimutharu River: Manimutharu Dam Lat 8o39'14"N, Lon 77o24'47"E to confluence with Tramaraparani river near Aladiur Lat 8o41'03"N, Lon 77o26'07"E.
70. National Waterway 70 Manjara River: Singur Dam at Lat 17o44'58"N, Lon 77o55'41"E to confluence with river Godavari at Kandakurthi at Lat 18o49'07"N, Lon 77o52'20"E.
71. National Waterway 71 Mapusa/Moide River: Bridge on National Highway-17 at Mapusa Lat 15o35'21"N, Lon 73o49'17"E to confluence point of Mapusa and Mandovi rivers at Porvorim Lat 15o30'20"N, Lon 73o50'42"E.
72. National Waterway 72 Nag River: Bridge near NIT Colony, Nagpur Lat 21o06'17"N, Lon 79o06'03"E to confluence with river Kanhan near Sawangi village at Lat 21o05'38"N, Lon 79o27'54"E.
73. National Waterway 73 Narmada River: Pandhariya at Lat 21o57'10"N, Lon 74o08'27"E to confluence of Narmada with Arabian Sea at Gulf of Khambhat Lat 21o38'27"N, Lon 72o33'28"E.
74. National Waterway 74 Netravathi River: Netravathi Dam, Dharmsthala Lat 12o57'55"N, Lon 75o22'10"E to confluence with Arabian sea at Bengre Lat 12o50'43"N, Lon 74o49'29"E.
75. National Waterway 75 Palar River: Rail bridge at Virudampattu, Vellore at Lat 12o56'14"N, Lon 79o07'30"E to confluence with Bay of Bengal at Sadurangapattinam Lat 12o27'52"N, Lon 80o09'13"E.
76. National Waterway 76 Panchagangavali (Panchagangoli) River: Gangoli Port at Lat 13o38'01"N, Lon 74o40'08"E to Bridge at Badakere at Lat 13o44'50"N, Lon 74o39'15"E.
77. National Waterway 77 Pazhyar River: Bridge near Veeranarayana Mangalam village at Lat 8o13'49"N, Lon 77o26'27"E to confluence with Arabian Sea at Manakudi at Lat 8o05'15"N, Lon 77o29'08"E.
78. National Waterway 78 Penganga Wardha River System: Confluence of Aran and Penganga rivers near Chimata village at Lat 19o54'08"N, Lon 78o12'36"E to the confluence of Wardha and Pranahita rivers near Ravalli village at Lat 19o33'59"N, Lon 79o49'0"E.
79. National Waterway 79 Pennar River: Penna Barrage, Pothireddypalem at Lat 14o28'08"N, Lon 79o59'09"E to confluence with Bay of Bengal near Kudithipalem at Lat 14o35'37"N, Lon 80o11'31"E.
80. National Waterway 80 Ponniyar River: Sathanur Dam at Lat 12o11'0"N, Lon 78o51'01"E to Cuddalore at confluence of Bay of Bengal at Lat 11o46'22"N, Lon 79o47'42"E.
81 National Waterway 81 Punpun River: Bridge on National Highway-83 near Pakri village Lat 25o29'50"N, Lon 85o06'19"E to confluence with river Ganga at Fatuha Lat 25o30'50"N, Lon 85o18'17"E.
82. National Waterway 82 Puthimari River: Bridge on National Highway-31 near village Ghopla at Lat 26o22'01"N, Lon 91o39'11"E to confluence with Brahmaputra river near Bamunbori at Lat 26o15'28"N, Lon 91o20'35"E.
83. National Waterway 83 Rajpuri Creek: Arabian Sea at Rajpuri Lat 18o18'03"N, Lon 72o56'43"E to Mhasala at Lat 18o08'15"N, Lon 73o06'45"E.
84. National Waterway 84 Ravi River: Dam at Gandhiar Lat 32o35'51"N, Lon 75o59'05"E to Ranjeet Sagar Dam at Basoli Lat 32o26'36"N, Lon 75o43'45"E.
85. National Waterway 85 Revadanda Creek Kundalika River System: Arabian Sea at Revadanda Lat 18o32'20"N, Lon 72o55'33"E to bridge on Roha-Astami Road near Roha Nagar Lat 18o26'32"N, Lon 73o07'11"E.
86. National Waterway 86 Rupnarayan River: Confluence of Dwarakeswar and Silai rivers at Pratappur Lat 22o40'17"N, Lon 87o46'43"E to confluence with Hooghly river at Geonkhali Lat 22o12'42"N, Lon 88o03'14"E.
87. National Waterway 87 Sabarmati River: Barrage near Sadoliya Lat 23o26'50"N, Lon 72o48'35"E to confluence with Gulf of Khambhat near Khambhat Lat 22o09'18"N, Lon 72o27'28"E.
88. National Waterway 88 Sal River: Orlim Deusa Bridge Lat 15o13'11"N, Lon 73o57'30"E to confluence with Arabian Sea at Mobor Lat 15o08'32"N, Lon 73o57'0"E.
89. National Waterway 89 Savitri River (Bankot Creek): Bridge near Sape at Lat 18o05'54"N, Lon 73o20'09"E to Arabian Sea at Bankot Lat 17o58'47"N, Lon 73o01'45"E.
90. National Waterway 90 Sharavati River: Honnavar Port Sea Mouth at Lat 14o17'56"N, Lon 74o25'27"E to link at highway at Gersoppa Lat 14o14'15"N, Lon 74o39'06"E.
91. National Waterway 91 Shastri River Jaigad Creek: Sangmeshwar at Lat 17o11'16"N, Lon 73o33'03"E to confluence with Arabian Sea at Jaigad Lat 17o19'12"N, Lon 73o12'39"E.
92. National Waterway 92 Silabati River: Barrage near Shimulia village at Lat 22o34'53" N, Lon 87o38'31"E to confluence of Dwarakeswar and Silai rivers at Pratappur Lat 22o40'17"N, Lon 87o46'43"E.
93. National Waterway 93 Simsang River: Bangladesh Border at Lat 25o11'05"N, Lon 90o39'25"E to bridge on National Highway-62 near Nongalbibra Lat 25o27'20"N, Lon 90o42'22"E
94. National Waterway 94 Sone River: Sone Barrage near Dehri at Lat 24o50'14" N, Lon 84o08'03"E to confluence of Sone and Ganga rivers at Lat 25o42'15"N, Lon 84o52'02"E.
95. National Waterway 95 Subansiri River: Gerukamukh Lat 27o27'03" N, Lon 94o15'16"E to Brahmaputra confluence at Lat 26o52'25"N, Lon 93o54'31"E.
96. National Waterway 96 Subarnrekha River: Chandil Dam at Lat 22o58'29" N, Lon 86o01'14"E to confluence with Bay of Bengal at Lat 21o33'29"N, Lon 87o22'59"E.
97. National Waterway 97 Sunderbans Waterways:
(i) Namkhana at Lat 21o45'46" N, Lon 88o13'06"E to Athara Banki Khal Lat 21o56'57"N, Lon 89o05'32"E;
(ii) Bidya River: Lot No. 124 at Lat 21o54'43" N, Lon 88o41'08"E to near Uttar Danga at Lat 22o11'48"N, Lon 88o51'55"E;
(iii) Chhota Kalagachi(Chhoto Kalergachi) River:Near Rajani ferry ghat Lat 22o19'57" N, Lon 88o54'21"E to near Nazat at Lat 22o26'05"N, Lon 88o50'12"E;
(iv) Gomar River: Near Ramkrishnapur Lat 22o11'53" N, Lon 88o44'42"E to near Gosaba Kheya ghat at Lat 22o10'05"N, Lon 88o47'37"E;
(v) Haribhanga River: Bangladesh Border Lat 21o53'19" N, Lon 89o01'24"E to confluence with Jhila river at Lat 21o58'18"N, Lon 88o55'08"E;
(vi) Hogla (Holgal)-Pathankhali River: Near Parandar Lat 22o12'22" N, Lon 88o40'43"E to near Sandeshkhai Ferry Ghat at Lat 22o21'12"N, Lon 88o52'48"E;
(vii) Kalindi (Kalandi) River: Bangladesh Border at Hingalganj Lat 22o28'08" N, Lon 88o59'46"E to Bangladesh Border near Khosbash at Lat 22o24'41"N, Lon 88o58'21"E;
(viii) Katakhali River: Bangladesh Border near Barunhat Lat 22o30'31" N, Lon 88o58'25"E to Lebukhali ferry at Lat 22o21'45"N, Lon 88o57'30"E;
(ix) Matla River: Bay of Bengal at Lat 21o33'04" N, Lon 88o38'26"E to Canning ferry ghat at Lat 22o18'39"N, Lon 88o40'43"E;
(x) Muri Ganga (Baratala) River: Bay of Bengal near Bisalakshmipur Lat 21o37'52" N, Lon 88o10'0"E to near Kakdwip at Lat 21o52'17"N, Lon 88o09'08"E;
(xi) Raimangal River: Hemnagar at Lat 22o11'41" N, Lon 88o58'01"E to Rajnagar at Lat 22o33'57"N, Lon 88o56'17"E;
(xii) Sahibkhali (Sahebkhali) River: Near Ramapur Lat 22o17'52" N, Lon 88o56'35"E to Bangladesh Border near Khosbash at Lat 22o24'41"N, Lon 88o58'21"E;
(xiii) Saptamukhi River: Bay of Bengal at Henry Island Lat 21o34'57" N, Lon 88o19'08"E to near Chintamanipur at Lat 21o51'14"N, Lon 88o18'41"E;
(xiv) Thakurran River: Bay of Bengal at Lat 21o33'32" N, Lon 88o27'45"E to Madhabpur at Lat 22o02'52"N, Lon 88o33'28"E;
98. National Waterway 98 Sutlej River: Sunni Road Bridge at Lat 31o14'45" N, Lon 77o07'34"E to Harike Dam at Lat 31o08'33"N, Lon 74o56'57"E.
99. National Waterway 99 Tamaraparani River: Sulochana Mudalir bridge, Tirunelveli Lat 8o43'43" N, Lon 77o42'54"E to confluence with Bay of Bengal near Punnaikayal at Lat 8o38'25"N, Lon 78o07'38"E.
100. National Waterway 100 Tapi River: Hatnur Dam Near Mangalwadi Lat 21o04'22"N, Lon75o56'45"E to Gulf of Khambhat (Arabian Sea) at Lat 21o02'16"N, Lon 72o39'30"E.
101. National Waterway 101 Tizu and Zungki Rivers: Longmatra at Lat 25o46'12"N, Lon 94o44'35"E to Avanghku at Myanmar border Lat 25o35'03"N, Lon 94o53'06"E and in Zungki river from bridge at Lat 25o48'26"N, Lon 94o46'36"E to confluence of Zungki and Tizu rivers at Lat 25o46'58"N, Lon 94o45'21"E.
102. National Waterway 102 Tlwang (Dhaleswari River): Khamrang near National Highway-54 Lat 23o55'22"N, Lon 92o39'08"E to Bridge on National Highway-154 at Gharmura Lat 24o17'19"N, Lon 92o31'0"E.
103. National Waterway 103 Tons River: Bridge on National Highway-27 near Chakghat at Lat 25o02'05"N, Lon 81o43'45"E to Ganga confluence at Sirsa Lat 25o16'32"N, Lon 82o05'0"E.
104. National Waterway 104 Tungabhadra River: Bridge on State Highway No. 29 near Chikka Jantakal village at Lat 15o24'33"N, Lon 76o35'13"E to confluence with river Krishna near village Murva Konda at Lat 15o57'20"N, Lon 78o14'30"E.
105. National Waterway 105 Udayavara River: Arabian Sea Mouth at Malpe Lat 13o20'57"N, Lon 74o41'28"E to Bridge near Manipura Lat 13o17'33"N, Lon 74o46'26"E.
106. National Waterway 106 Umngot (Dwaki) River: Bangladesh Border near Larbamon Lat 25o11'07"N Lon 92o0'54"E to Nongryngkoh at Lat 25o19'05"N, Lon 92o02'20"E.
107. National Waterway 107 Vaigai River: Barrage near Anai Patti at Lat 10o05'19"N, Lon 77o51'10"E to Viragnoor Dam at Lat 9o53'52"N, Lon 78o10'34"E.
108. National Waterway 108 Varuna River: Road bridge near Kuru at Lat 25o23'15"N, Lon 82o44'07"E to Ganga confluence at Saray Mohana, Varanasi Lat 25o19'45"N, Lon 83o02'41"E.
109. National Waterway 109 Wainganga Pranahita River System: Bridge near Chandapur village at Lat 20o0'30"N, Lon 79o47'08"E to confluence of river Godavari at Kaleshwaram Lat 18o49'33"N, Lon 79o54'33"E.
110. National Waterway 110 Yamuna River: Jagatpur (6km upstream of Wazirabad Barrage) Delhi Lat 28o45'28"N, Lon 77o13'50"E to confluence of Yamuna and Ganga rivers at Sangam, Allahabad at Lat 25o25'24"N, Lon 81o53'20"E.
111. National Waterway 111 Zuari River: Sanvordem bridge Lat 15o16'15"N, Lon 74o07'11"E to Marmugao Port Lat 15o25'55"N, Lon 73o48'13"E.

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